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Spot-On With Covered Perfectly
One of hottest trends right now are the oh so chic, leopard prints.  This big-cat print is showing up everywhere in the latest clutches, coats, skirts, tops and scarves.  I am spot-on today wearing a light-weight faux fur leopard print hooded vest by Covered Perfectly.

Spot-On With Covered Perfectly

Spot-on is what Pauline Durban had in mind when she created Covered Perfectly apparel for women over 40.   In May 2012  Pauline invested her life savings into Covered Perfectly.  It was out of her personal frustrations with sleeves not covering the unflattering part of her arms, tops too short revealing too much and styles geared toward younger slim bodies.  She began designing her own line of women’s tops.

Covered Perfectly is known for it’s micro-modal collection of tops. The patented fabric is made of European beechwood, is completely natural and produced in Austria.  The natural composition makes it a breathable and comfortable fabric, which is key for the 40 plus age group.

Wearing courtesy of Covered Perfectly faux fur leopard print vest with Sara Pacini black sweater and Sara Pacini wide-leg pants

Wearing courtesy of Covered Perfectly faux fur leopard print vest with Sara Pacini black sweater, Sara Pacini wide-leg pants, Stella and Dot Tessa fringe silver necklace, pink FitBit band and my collection of Tiffany charm bracelet.

Since Covered Perfectly launched in 2013, Pauline branched out to include not just the best selling tops but flattering cascading vests as well as faux fur vests. I chose the leopard print hooded vest because I thought it was a fun chic choice, perfect addition to one’s wardrobe. And to make it known that Covered Perfectly offers more than just tops. Leopard is having it’s moment, I agree with Jenna Lyons, quote about “leopard being the new neutral,” pretty much goes with anything. The leopard can take a completely boring plain outfit from blah to fab.


2013 quote from J. Crew President and Creative Director, Jenna Lyons

2013 quote from J. Crew President and Creative Director, Jenna Lyons

What I love about my Covered Perfectly faux fur leopard vest:
Style: chic
Fit:  very comfortable, lightweight and super-soft fabric
Length: I like the longer length to cover my big bum

It is refreshing to learn more about Pauline’s vision for fashion for my age group where we do want to be covered perfectly (pun intended.)  All Covered Perfectly fashions are made in the United States with free shipping both ways.  “When only perfect will do,”  be spot-on with Covered Perfectly use the following 20% off  discount code: AOG (all caps) at check-out.

Thank you Covered Perfectly for the opportunity to learn more about your brand geared for women over 40 actually more like over 50 for me.

Bling on the Holidays!

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Bling on the Holidays with eShakti
Maxed out your LBD? Are you interested in a quick easy new option? Consider a new alternative to bling on the holidays.

It’s not too soon to contemplate something different this festive time of the year.   By different, I mean consider ordering in the comforts of your home, an affordable custom shimmer dress, top or skirt for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Your own blue-print for glamour in less than two weeks.  How? With whom?  One can bling on the holidays with eShakti.

Bling on the Holidays with Eshakti

The eShakti tagline is “We design. You customize.”  eShakti, the only e-commerce women’s apparel company offer standard sizes:  0 – 36 W and specializes in mass-customization on designer clothes for women.  Since 2001, eShakti is #1 in women’s fashion clothing in USA for custom-clothing.


Wearing eShakti lurex knit a-line dress with J. Crew Factory necklace, natural fox stole and Mui Mui metallic gold pumps.

Wearing courtesy of eShakti lurex knit a-line dress with J. Crew Factory necklace, Forever 21 cocktail ring, my pink FitBit bracelet, natural fox stole and Miu Miu metallic gold pumps.

I partnered with eShakti for the gorgeous royal blue lurex knit dress that I am wearing today.  I was not familiar with this brand, although in the December issue of People StyleWatch, NYC.  blogger Allison McGevna, of is featured in an eShakti dress like highlights her size 14/16 hourglass figure.

 Why I chose this particular eShakti dress:

  •  Fit: A-line for my pear-shaped silhouette
  •  V-neck:  Universally flattering
  •  Empire waist-universally appealing to all shapes and sizes because it emphasizes the smallest part of your  body.
    eShakti royal blue lurex knot a-line dress

    eShakti royal blue lurex knot a-line dress

    What I customized:

  • Length of dress:  length of dress based on height measurements:  this length keeps the dress
    fresh and youthful
  •  Type of Neckline: I chose the universally flattering V-neckline
  •  Length of sleeve:  There are seven sleeve length custom options; I chose the bracelet length,        help to keep you out of frumpy town
  • Other custom styling options include custom sizes if standard sizes are outside XS to 6X range; also removing pockets if dress or skirt has pockets and type of neckline.

Once I placed my order, I received my dress in less than two weeks, no stressing here!

There’s no better time to dazzle ‘em, then in December into the New Year. So bling on the holidays and consider a custom budget friendly dress, skirt or top, they ship to the USA and Canada. Try eShakti, here’s an exclusive discount code:  336×280-3-9-14-8 (10% off from 12/08-01/08/2015, enter code into gift coupon box) to help you get find that custom piece just in time for the festivities.

Thank you eShakti for the opportunity to learn more about your brand.


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This time of the year, it’s all about the holidays and entertaining!  It is the season for wonderfully planned events for family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  The clock says to come together to celebrate life and love for one another.  It is said, the best gifts are the ones that make people happy-and don’t have to be wrapped.  I say the best gift is a smile.  A smile is the most powerful gesture that we can all easily give one another anytime of the year, not just during the holidays. Who or what makes you smile? What is your #smilestyle?



I ask the question what is your #smilestyle because we live in a world linked by social media, where we connect with photographs and smiles matter.  By now, with the popularity of selfies, many have mastered their smiles. According to scientist, Andrew Newborn, the smile is the symbol that was rated with the highest positive emotional content.

Wearing Carmen Marc Valvo silk fuchsia suit with Kate Spade Charm Glitter Gold Evening Pump and Kate Spade necklace

Wearing  (old) Cinzia Rocco silk fuchsia suit, Carmen Marc Valvo black knit sparkle top with Kate Spade Charm Glitter Gold Evening Pump and Kate Spade crystal kaleidoscope necklace.

Let’s investigate the science of smiling. You know I like exploring, the following two studies provide some interesting and thought-provoking facts on smiling:

In the famous yearbook study, they tracked the lives of women who had the best smiles in yearbook photos compared to the rest.  Women who smiled the most lived happier lives, more satisfied marriages and had fewer setbacks.

The baseball card study also found a clear correlation between how big a smile someone made on a baseball card photo and how long they would live.  The people who smiled the most turned out to live seven years longer than those who didn’t.

Why smile? I think you know the answer but let’s see what we uncover. Smiling reduces stress that your body and mind feel, almost similar to getting good sleep, according to recent studies.  And smiling helps generate emotions within you. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.

That’s why we often feel happier around children – they smile more.  On average, children smile 400 times a day.  While happy people smile 40 – 50 times a day, and average people only smile 20 times a day.

Colonial Williamsburg Swag   I make every year for my front door entrance.

My #smilestyle Colonial Williamsburg Swag I make every year for my front door entrance. My 2013 photo.

Who makes me smile?  Needless to say, my friends and my loved ones.  What makes me put on my #smilestyle? My favorite holiday tradition that makes me put on my #smilestyle is creating the fresh fruit Colonial Williamsburg swag over our home’s front door.   This is my DIY signature decoration to help to usher in the atmosphere for my holiday entertaining.

Like the famous song says about Christmas, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,”  whether you’re watching timeless classic holiday movies, singing Christmas carols, baking cookies, decorating your home/tree, exchanging gifts while hosting your family and friends, use every opportunity to master your #smilestyle. Throwback Thursday

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My 1984  Wedding Photo

My 1984 Wedding Photo

I was challenged by to take a stroll down memory lane in their #TBT —wedding edition.

Kind-of sweet, since my hubby and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year. We decided to forgo the traditional party celebrations. We opted not to revisit Hawaii where we honeymooned but take a vacation in Napa. Perhaps we thought we needed our world to be rocked because when we landed in San Francisco and finally arrived at our destination in Napa, there was a 6.0 earthquake.

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Be A Quitter

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Be A Quitter2
Listen up!  I have the hard core facts about smoking. If you smoke you need to really consider quitting.  I am never one to encourage anyone to be a quitter, however this month (as mentioned in last week’s post about November being Lung Health Awareness) may cause you to reconsider as Thursday, November 20 is the Great American Smoke Out.

Now is the time to be a quitter.

Be A Quitter! The Great American SmokeOut

The Great American SmokeOut is an annual event held on the third Thursday of November by the American Cancer Society. It encourages people to stop smoking cigarettes for 24 hours. This year marks thirty-seven years of attempting to encourage smokers to quit.

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Got Lungs?

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Got lungs? Of course you have lungs, we all have lungs. It’s November and time to spotlight Lung Health.  Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related death in both men and women.

It is a known fact that as we age, our lung function declines. What is not know widely realized is that both men and women don’t escape the staggering statistics for lung cancer.   Worth noting is that women fair even worse than men. The month of November is an excellent time to examine the incidence of lung cancer, it is strongly correlated with cigarette smoking, with about 90% of lung cancers arising as a result of tobacco use.

Wearing last Fall Lafayette 148  wool jacket with piped leather trim and Lafayette 148 dress, Stella and Dot gold tone lariat, Kate Spade New York Licorice camel suede pumps.

Wearing last Fall Lafayette 148 wool jacket with piped leather trim and Lafayette 148 dress, Stella and Dot gold tone lariat, Kate Spade New York Licorice camel suede pumps.  Nail polish Illamasqua Jo’Mina.

Lung cancer is referred to as the deadliest cancer. Why? First, note there are two general types of lung cancer:  small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer, which accounts for approximately 87% of lung cancers.  Small cell lung cancer grows very rapidly and has a tendency to spread early to other parts of the body.  This type of lung cancer is commonly found in smoker’s.

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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

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Anybody Know What Time It Is?

Does anyone know what time it is? Does anyone even care?

It is time to fall back and examine a few things about time.  Goodbye, Daylight Savings Time!

For those reading this and not familiar with the American rock band, The Chicago Transit Authority, (later know as just Chicago) the opening quote is from a song written and sung by a member of the group in 1969. The group formed in 1967 in Chicago. The band is no longer together but the song lives on for me as a kid growing up in the 70s.

Wearing old wool Colette Mardo sweater, Tindley Row black faux leather peplum top, random knit black skirt, old Air Georgina Cole Hall Tall Black Boots and my pink FitBit.

Wearing old wool Colette Mordo sweater coat, Piperlime’s Tindley Road black faux leather peplum top, random knit black skirt, old Air Georgina Cole Hall Tall Black Boots and my pink FitBit.

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Drop 5

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Drop 5 Sacred Heart Medical Soup Diet
Can I tell you something personal? Would that be okay? As I am going through menopause, declining estrogen levels have contributed greatly to a stunt in my metabolism. Along with the slow go with the metabolism, it takes a greater effort for me to lose weight quickly.

Right now, I am up about 8-pounds!  Nevertheless, I have learned how to drop 5—-drop 5 pounds quickly. Today, I would like to share with you how I am able to clean out impurities in my system as well as lose a few pounds with a great feeling of well being.

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Fall Into Good Health

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Fall Into Good HealthFall into good health this season. During the summer warmer months, it’s easy to stay motivated to walk, run or exercise outside.  As the days grow shorter and the grey months arrive–perhaps it’s the lack of sunlight--one may lose the motivation to stay focused on fitness and weight management.

Earlier this year, I invested in a FitBit wrist band to help me stay on track not just during the summer months but all year long.  I use the FitBit to track steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned during the day – plus track my sleep cycle at night.  We all tend to hibernate during the colder months, but we must set up ourselves up for success by planning ahead to exercise and eat healthy.

Wearing old Chaiken long jacket, J.Crew Factory Matchstick jeans with Kate Spade Licorice side camel pimps

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Purple Power

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Domestic Violence AwarenessBy now we have all seen or heard the play by play of the leaked elevator footage showing Janay Palmer Rice being punched and knocked unconscious by her then fiancé, now husband, NFL Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice.

October is highly recognized with the power of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness but that isn’t the only cause worth your attention this month. October claims another yet another national awareness yet worthy cause for the color purple, for Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Domestic Violence Awareness

The video was released by TMZ on September 8. Ray Rice’s NFL contract was terminated by the Ravens on the same date following the release of an additional video of the incident. He is suspended indefinitely from the National Football League.
Domestic Violence AwarenessIn the time since the footage leaked, many discussions are happening: how should the NFL handle domestic violence? Why is Janay Rice standing by her man?

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