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New View

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 IN: My Home

New View
When i started college back in the late 70s, I wanted a new view in terms of my eyesight — I wanted a clearer focus for all of those books that needed to be read. Plus, I didn’t want to look like a high school student anymore! I was a college student.

A new view: The completed landscape home project with window boxes and new shrubbery.

A new view: The completed landscape home project with window boxes and new shrubbery.

Fast forward to 2016, at my annual eye exam, I informed my optometrist that I wear my contacts only on weekends.  At this stage of my life, computer work and reading glasses, I found it easier to just wear my eyeglasses. Especially since I purchased very chic pairs of blue and purple eyeglasses.
New View

When the optometrist questioned me about comfort and duration of wear, I told him that the lenses are uncomfortable probably because I don’t wear them everyday like I did in the past.  He recommended I consider the soft contact lenses for a new view, a crisper vision.  I’m happy to say I see many improvements with  the clarity of soft lenses. Continue reading

Light One Candle

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Saturday, December 12, 2015 IN: Collabs My Home

Light One Candle

If you light one candle this holiday season, let it be a Bijou candle. I’ll tell you why.

Light One Candle

Years ago when our kitchen was remodeled, my husband and I noticed a soot-like film on the walls.  We quickly ruled out a gas leak and it wasn’t just a dirty wall. Little did I know that the candles that I love to burn everyday were releasing black fumes.  Most candles, like the ones I burned for years,  are made with a paraffin wax that contain arsenic and benzene. Who knew burning candles could be toxic?
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All or Nothing

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Thursday, April 3, 2014 IN: My Home On the Road Again


 my food station for my Rockwood Soy Candle Home Party.

My food station for my Rockwood Soy Candle Home Party.  The menu included spinach dip, fresh veggies, turkey chili soup in bread bowls, chicken salad for sandwiches, fresh fruit and  salsa dip/tortilla chips.

Ever notice everything always seem to happen all or nothing?  Over this past weekend, I staged a Saturday afternoon get together opportunity for the lovely ladies in my life with a Rockwood Soy Candle party at my home.  I spruced up the house, put on my hospitality hat and provided a nice selection of small eats for the ladies.

Little did I know when I planned the Rockwood Soy Candle Home Party back in January, that my daughter would decide to make a move into her own apartment on the same weekend.  After having my Martha moment on Saturday, I then felt like the mailman when I traveled on Sunday to New York City to assist my daughter, Channing in moving into her own apartment. When I left Harrisburg, it was raining, then sleeting in Lebanon County then snowing in Northampton County, as I journeyed north west I drove into sunshine and warmer temperatures in New York City–so encouraging. I got there and delivered some help with my work hat on.

When I arrived, my daughter was organized and ready to go, I believe her living in such a small area in college prepared her to learn to live in very same places and thrive.

I rolled up my sleeves and broke in my fairly new Bass Weejuns while probably losing a few pounds going up and down the fifty-six steps to my daughter’s 4th floor apartment at the architecturally charming Cherokee apartments by the East River.

We all know that Manhattan is an island and the most populated of the five boroughs.  For sure there is limited space, so the demand for time, services and your money is extremely competitive in every aspect of living in New York City.  So many business opportunities compete for your business. Hiring a broker is the norm for quickly finding one an apartment in a desirable neighborhood. Hats off to realtor/broker Brent of Maz Group NY for being the consummate professional and locating a very suitable apartment on the Upper East Side. Job well done and thank you!
After my daughter, Channing received the keys to her new pad, we learned the hired movers are required to have liability insurance contract signed with leasing company in the event of any damage to their property.  Interestingly enough, the moving company never mentioned this, no problem.  Plan B!  Plan B was to move anything left in the bedroom which included a bed set and room organizer to the 500 square footage common living space to make room for the new roommate scheduled to move in the next day.  It was a beautiful day in New York City for a moving day, it was nearly 60 degrees, yes!

My thought process for the day included being moved in by 7:00 PM, nice dinner and our usual manicures that we routinely do when I come to NYC, our outfit of the day photos for this blog and ChanningintheCity then home by 10:00 PM.  Not!  We moved all that we could from the 500 square footage area to my car and to the new apartment up and down those fifty-six steps, not sure how many times. We laughed, we cried, we felt like the two stooges when we tried to maneuver the long storage containers through the doors and elevator at the new apartment.

Wanting to make sure Chan had what she needed, we motored over to The Bronx Terminal Market, a six story shopping center that stayed open late to go to Target and Home Depot, so conveniently  located just sought of Yankee Stadium (next visit to The Bronx, Yankee Stadium).  Next back to new pad to clean and hang curtains.

I didn’t get home until 3:00 AM but well worth it when you know your loved one is being set-up for success in a new environment and living space. I am thankful we are both resilient, driven, not beyond rolling up our sleeves, we make great team working, and determined to get the job done. Special thanks to Arianna to offer Channing a place to stay until she was entirely moved to her new location, thanks for the offer to me as well. Oh, and the movers finally did arrive late on Tuesday in less than 15 minutes everything done!  Hallelujah!

All or nothing, right?

My House Has Swag!

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Thursday, December 19, 2013 IN: DIY My Home Videos

Colonial Williamsburg Swag I made for my front entrance.

Colonial Williamsburg Swag I made for my front entrance.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go including my home. Finally I am putting the finishing touches on my decorations, the Colonial Williamsburg fresh fruit swag that is! Read on to learn more about how my house has swag.

Many years ago, I visited Colonial  Williamsburg Virginia during the Christmas season.  I became enamored with the fresh fruit decorations on display at public buildings and private homes in the historic district in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Since that visit many years ago, I longed to create one of those exuberant eye-catching arrangements for my Dutch Colonial home, where was Pinterest when I needed it?

Several years ago, I was able to attend class to learn how to duplicate this beautiful holiday display.  The only challenges with recreating the display yearly, are finding the beautiful dried magnolia leaves and keeping the squirrels from eating the fresh fruit. The cold temperatures we are experiencing is perfect weather to prevent the fresh fruit from rotting.

Come with me as I recreate my fresh all-natural handmade Christmas door decoration.

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How to Make a Christmas Topiary with Ornaments

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 IN: DIY My Home Videos


DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary on my fireplace mantel

DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary on my fireplace mantel

“The weather outside is frightful” but inside my home it’s delightful.

By now, most people have started or finished decorating their homes for Christmas.  I have a few DIY decorations that I would like to share with you during this holiday season starting with one DIY that I learned from board-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies (pin with me, here!). Think of it as a virtual bulletin board. Why couldn’t I have thought of this?

Every change of season, I get the decorating bug to change or add something new and different to my home especially my fireplace mantle.  Why not do it myself?  It’s inspiring, cheap and gives me an opportunity to learn a new skill set.  Today, my focus is on making a Christmas Ornament Topiary, all items purchased from Dollar Tree except the urn.

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