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Link Up

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Tuesday, June 2, 2015 IN: Blogging

Link Up
I am personally enjoying the fact that the world is connected by social media. The Age of Grace has had numerous occasions to link up with like-minded bloggers. I am thankful for the exposure and the aspect that we support each other as seasoned fashionistas. We have a voice too!

Link Up

Link Up
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Happy Two-Year Blogaversary

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Monday, January 19, 2015 IN: Blogging

Happy Two Year Blogaversary4
For the last two years, the federal holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday reminds me of my momentous occasion when I launched my blog, The Age of Grace.  Like Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech, “I Have A Dream,” too.  However, my dream is to inspire, connect and remind women over the age of fifty that we can age gracefully.  Happy Two Year Blogaversary toThe Age of Grace for continuing on that mission.

Happy Two Year Blogaversary2

I was inspired by my daughter and many others blogging their story. I didn’t want to miss out by not voicing my concerns, thoughts and opinions. We all have an account that needs to be told whether it be success or failure.  I believe we all have a sphere of influence with our family, friends and social media that we need to impact.

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Beat the Clock

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 IN: Blogging

Wearing Lafayette148NY jacket with matching dress, Forever 21 knit scarf, Target tights and Kate Spade New York suede "Licorice" pump,

Celebrating One Year Blogaversary!!  Wearing Lafayette148NY jacket with  Lafayette 148NY  Indochina Jacquard dress, Forever 21 knit scarf, Talbot’s elbow length gloves,Target tights and Kate Spade New York suede “Licorice” pumps.

I think that my first year as a blogger reminds me of the game, Beat the Clock.
As the name implies, you are always trying the beat time. Which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, because it forces you to utilize your time well, be organized and be consistent with self-appointed weekly deadlines.

anyone remember the game show, Beat the Clock?

Anyone remember the game show, Beat the Clock?

When I embarked on this new journey one year ago, I boldly stepped into the rapid changing world of social media largely monopolized by millennials like my daughter, Channing.  I launched Age of Grace with the hopes of reaching women of a certain age, the many baby boomers such as myself looking to age gracefully.  I think it’s worth taking a step back to see what was accomplished in this first year.

What I learned:
1.  The best photos are taken one hour before sunset and on overcast days when you don’t have to complete with shadows of the sun.
2.  Owning a tripod is wonderful  investment especially when my husband is not available to take my photos.
3. To use self-timer on my investment Canon Rebel camera, now to master using the video feature instead of relying on my smart phone or iPad.

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